Things to know about Chocolate Molds

Who doesn't love Chocolate? It's a sweet celebration for everyone irrespective of their age group. And if you are one among the Chocolate lovers, try some unique creative chocolate molds to make delectable desserts.

You can make beautiful eye catching chocolates using our unique custom molds! Our molds are wonderfully versatile and you can just transform the melted chocolate into tempting treats with just a custom look.

All about Chocolate Molds:


Chocolate Molds are empty containers that define an attractive shape to your melted chocolate. These molds can be made of plastic or rubber or any other polycarbonate materials. Chocolate making is an art and everyone, including kids, pay interest in making different shapes of chocolates at home.

Shapes of Chocolate Molds:


These molds may come in numerous shapes. Butterflies, easter eggs, stars, hearts and simple shapes such as square and circles are most traditional chocolate mold shapes.

Now, we come across shapes like chess pieces, skulls, musical instruments, funny molds, cartoon characters and many more. With the overwhelming demand for chocolate making, the range of chocolate molds is also higher; we can find hundreds of new mold shapes every year. Indulge in your favorite chocolate creations using fantastic molds available in the market.

Consider Size of The Mold:

Nowadays, chocolates in small sizes are more attractive than the bigger ones. Over the years the size of the molds have been decreasing and small creative chocolates are high in demand! From kids to adults, everyone is interested to grab uniquely crafted small chocolates!

How to Use Chocolate Molds:

Before using a chocolate mold, you should know how to use it. Here we are presenting you some steps on how to make the chocolate by using molds:

  • Step 1:

    First, melt the chocolate by the double boiler method. Usually, the melting point of chocolate is between 860F and 900F. Do not overcook as granulate.
  • Step 2:

    Pour the melted chocolate into your favorite mold. Use a gentle shaking process to spread the chocolate all over the corners of the mold.
  • Step 3:

    Let the chocolate cool down. Keep the mold sheet in the freezer with the desired temperature. It will get ready in 10-15 minutes, depending upon the mold size. Unmold the chocolate and enjoy the taste.

Moisture is Mold's First Enemy:


Don't get your chocolate molds wet and keep them away from moisture. The wet molds lead to dreadful chocolates.

Is cleaning a chocolate mold easy? Of course, yes. Just use some dry kitchen towels to clean the mold to remove excess chocolate left in the mold. You can also clean the mold with hot water, but make sure that it iscompletely dry because wet molds may spoil the chocolate shapes.

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