Having over 20 years experience in designing soap molds, creating packaging and running production of over 7500, 3.5 oz bars in a shift, I highly recommend that you make an appointment with us for a consulting session to go over your soaping project. The idea is for you to become well informed prior to the start of your project so that you can make an appropriate decision, and create attainable goals. Our fee for the approximate hour session is $45.00. If you wish to utilize our services please let us know and we will set up a mutually convenient, uninterrupted time and we will call you to go over your project. The $45.00 fee will be deducted from commissions awarded to us.

 We at Chase have been designing and developing custom molds for the past 20 years for all styles of soap making, chocolates, candles, plaster and resin production, utilizing our flex material. We can work from an idea to finished product, including packaging design and development.

Please feel free to call us @ 805-639-0440 We would like to discuss your mold requirements with you to fully understand your needs, production requirements and goals. Based on our conversation we will recommend the best method of manufacturing the mold either via our resident artists or computer generated and lithographed. Upon completion of our conversation we can give you a quote within 24 hours.

We believe strongly in the privacy of our customers and therefore do not publish any of our custom-made mold photos. To expedite receiving a custom mold quotation please read the questions below. If in doubt you are always welcome to call us @ 805-639-0440 and we will go over your project needs with you.

1- Over all dimensions: Length, width, & Height.

2- Shape of soap bar. Would you like to have: Square, Circle, Oval, Narrow oval, Rectangle, Ellipse, Pentagon or Hexagon.

3- Is it to be 2D ( meaning the back of the mold is open) or a full 3D Bar of soap

4- Would you like to have the graphic raised or recessed.

5- Do you have an image or graphics that you can forward to us, or will you be needing to utilize our rendering services to create the picture or idea that you have in your mind.

6- Would you like the molds to be manufactured from our flex material or silicone
7- What quantity of molds will be requiring for your project.

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Phone: 805-639-0440